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Brisbane to Leyburn - The Westfield Way

Heading out to Leyburn to watch the Sprints? ditch the normal route through Toowoomba and take the Ma Ma Creeek / Hirstglen route. Turn off at Gatton and take Gatton-Clifton Road. There are some spectacular roads between Ma Ma Creek and Hirstglen. Full directions under map.
Starting from Brisbane Rd, Goodna
1 Head north on Brisbane Rd
2 Turn left to stay on Brisbane Rd
3 Slight left onto Church St (signs for Church Street/Redbank Plains/State Route 61)
4 At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Queen St
5 Turn left onto Brisbane Rd
6 Take the ramp onto Ipswich Motorway
7 Take the exit onto Warrego Hwy towards A2/Esk/Toowoomba
8 Take the exit towards Gatton/Esk
9 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Eastern Drive
10 Turn left onto Railway St
11 Continue onto Western Drive
12 Continue onto Gatton-Helidon Rd
13 Turn left onto Gatton-Clifton Rd
14 Turn left onto New England Hwy/A3 (signs for Clifton/41/4/Warwick)
15 Take the 1st right on to Opportunity Drive (signs for Clifton)
16 Turn right onto Felton Clifton Rd
17 Turn left onto Clifton Leyburn Rd
18 Turn left onto Toowoomba Karara Rd
19 Turn right onto Talgai St
20 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Macintyre St
Arriving at Macintyre St
Total: 172 km - about 2 hours 27 mins