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Westfield for Sale

posted Jan 29, 2021, 7:34 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Jan 29, 2021, 9:19 PM ]

A nice red one, narrow body, with Toyota 4A - GE engine. Current owner is Ken Pointon, who says the engine is unmodified but that the car runs well. 

Asking price is $24,000

Anyone interested should call Ken direct on 0412 729 535

For Sale, Wanted

posted Nov 18, 2020, 7:01 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Mar 4, 2021, 3:58 PM ]

After some cheap Tyres?

posted Oct 24, 2020, 2:55 PM by Peter Triggell

Derek Arthy has some as-new Federal 205/60R13 tyres for sale if you're interested. They were new a few weeks ago and have done about 120klms since. They were $115 new so Derek is looking for $80 a tyre. 

Contact Derek at or phone him on 0428 999 440.

Clubbie for Sale

posted Aug 29, 2020, 8:54 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Nov 3, 2020, 3:35 AM ]

“Our Clubbie” Custom Sports Car Lotus 7 Replica style

Design generally inspired by Lotus “SEVEN” and later by Caterham. 

‘Open Sports’ body style built in Qld during 2007. NB this is NOT the wide body version - be warned!

Frame of regular 1” sq section steel tube (good quality welding),

Bodywork is combination of ali sheet augmented with FRP panels etc

Motor is 1600cc Ford Cortina 711 fitted with a twin-choke Weber 45DCOE carburettor.

Block has been ‘shaved’ to provide a 10:1 compression.

The manual drive is standard Ford Cortina Mk II 4-speed throughout

Front and rear suspensions are generally standard Ford ‘Cortina’ geometry.

‘Coil over Damper’ units on all four wheels.

Full safety seat belt for driver; seatbelt is lap only on passenger side.

Fuel capacity is 30 litres.

This car has traditional braking system (no anti-lock).

This is a “minimalist” vehicle:

No doors, tiny windscreen, no wipers, No weather protection (*),

Rudimentary seats with zero adjustment, No luggage capacity,

No heater or aircon, No glovebox or interior light.

Has tonneau cover.

Standard (narrow) body

Road registered to April 2021, comes with trailer registered to Nov 2020.

More detail available on request. Located in Clayfield, Brisbane


Now $15,000 ONO.  Contact Wendy and John on 0412547567,


Paul Hannell's Shed Clearance Sale - still LOTS of good stuff available

posted May 13, 2020, 3:01 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Aug 6, 2020, 7:49 PM ]

Paul still has many items he'd really like to move out of his business. Check the list and see if there's anything you need, then give Paul a call (contact details are at the bottom of the list).

New Builders Package (individual items not being offered separately, complete package only),  comprising of:-

AGE 20V Silvertop, connected to

T50 5 Speed, with 10,000 k old HD organic clutch kit, and fitted with modified for electronic speedo drive.

Remote shifter lever, linkage, and brackets,  ( this is NOT the cast housing remote I was manufacturing )

Engine has custom 1-1/2" tube, 4-1 Stainless Headers, 2-1/2" outlet, with fitting for O2 sensor,

Custom low profile, high capacity (+1 ltr) aluminium sump,  hangs 12mm below chassis.

Rubber engine mounts and brackets to suit,

S/Steel (polished) coolant tubes and radiator hoses,

Full car wiring loom, ie. chassis and engine, all fuse boxes, full instrument cluster and Ali dash panel. extra VDO temp & pressure gauges, radio,

Hella highlevel brake light in S/Steel mounting case, steering column, horn, brake light pressure switch,   etc..

All connectors & cables tagged for fitment, copy of wiring diagram and connector plug pinouts.

Approved (Westy/Arrow Mod) ECU,

Chassis (VIN) number plate & documents & Blue Compliance Plate,

Repairable Write Off documents.

This means if you have a chassis, install my package, get a RWC Cert, have "repairable write off status" removed, 


NO engineers  NO testing.


Complete Rear End/Diff Assy, suit De-Dion or IRS installation for +100 chassis.

Subaru R160 4.11:1 LSD,

Nissan R30 Skyline CV's both ends,

Custom machined EN26 (case hardened) Half Shafts,

Inboard vented rotors,

Mazda RX7 Turbo Calipers,

Handbrake cables to suit,

Handbrake lever,

Tailshaft flange/Yoke to suit.

Mounted on frame cut from rear section of my chassis, to allow you to copy or utilise for your installation.



Other Items:

1 Set      Slimline Personalised Plates, never fitted or registered,  7 FOR 2

1 Pr        GAZ 13" ( Front) Shockers, done 10,000 K's   

1 Pr        300 lb springs to suit above


1              Build Table, Fabricated 75x50 Steel Tube, fitted with 4 x 80mm swivel - braked castors, 25mm painted plywood top, removable, 20mm plywood storage shelf below.

1              New SPA ( England) 12.5" flat bottom steering wheel.  Un drilled, no horn button.

1              Stainless Steel Roll Bar Tube, this is just a mandrel bent tube to suit +100mm chassis.

4              TC/TD Hat Style Rotors, New Old Stock

6              TC/TD/TE/TF front hubs only, suit hat style rotor

3              TC/TD early front hubs, suit flat (english) style rotor

10-ish      50mm steering rack extensions M14, suit Escort & +100 chassis, or shortened rack for Wide Westy/Book Chassis

3              4AGE   Light (5.2kg) Billet 4140 Chrome Moly Flywheels.  These are what John Bosci was selling.  Ring Gear fitment assistance avail.

2              4AGE Super light (3.8kg) Billet Chrome Moly Flywheel. Ring Gear as above

1              4AGE Light (5kg) one Piece flywheel/ring gear   

2 sets    4AGE Stock Headers

4 sets    Header Flanges, Laser Cut 10mm plate,  to suit 4AGE

4              Starter motor suit 4AGE/7AFE. Some are stock bolt pattern, a couple have been modified to suit T50 bellhousing.

                                I can do mods to shorten bolt pattern if needed.

1              Fabricated Ali Sump, low profile, similar to ProSump on my engine, but only a bit over stock capacity and MUCH easier to install

1              AE110 ( I think ) instrument cluster

1              100kW 4AGE ECU

2              Wiper motor units, ex BMC I guess,  maybe mini, morris, austin, Leyland..  Not sure look like Lucas manufacture. Pics avail


This list will be updated as items are sold so that what is listed is what is actually currently available. 


If anyone is interested in the above or the upcoming stuff, can they please email on the address below, I will forward a list, and make contact them from there.


All enquiries to Paul via


Wheel Rims for Sale

posted Sep 28, 2019, 3:21 PM by Peter Triggell

Grahame Hunt has 2 sets of 4 rims for sale .
Rims are in good condition and have had the tyres removed .
Superlites 13 x 8 and are Ford Escort stud pattern .
Performance 13 x 8JJ and 3P stamped on them .
I have them in boxes for freight .

$170 per rim + freight  

Call Grahame on 0414 942 522 if interested

Clubbie for sale (plus some suspension spares)

posted Nov 27, 2018, 6:44 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Aug 28, 2019, 11:08 PM ]

Bruce Chamberlain is offering a car constructed from the very last Westfield factory kit for sale. Please see the attachment for all details, including a lovely pic of the car and the phone number if you'd like to call Bruce for more information.

Note Bruce has just reduced the price substantially to achieve a sale. 

He also has some assorted spares available to purchase:
           Front suspension items:   3 x Top A arms , 2 c/w ball joints

                                                    1 x Bottom A arm c/w ball joint

                                                    2 x Cortina Calipers c/w pads and bolts (Hoses have been capped but may need seals)

                                                    2 x Cortina Rotors      

           Rear suspension items:   2 x top A arms for independent rear end


Will split up and consider any offers. Located Sunshine coast Mob 0402055697

GTZ Kit Cars

posted Jan 5, 2018, 4:42 PM by Peter Triggell

New member Glen Hooper produces the kits for these neat little units at Mapleton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. See the attached brochure for information on these vehicles. 

Unused Personalised Plates for Sale

posted Jan 9, 2017, 8:43 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Aug 28, 2019, 3:17 PM ]

For sale:

MY PRB - prestige plates from PPQ.  They are framed with a black background and white reflective letters and have never been on a car.  They are both slimline plates.  

Price $2400.  
Contact Ron Roduner 0417 709 063. 

Still some Arrow Parts Wanted!

posted May 18, 2016, 10:22 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Nov 3, 2020, 12:44 AM ]

Peter Lovegrove is still looking for some parts to complete the building of his Arrow, as per the revised list below. He wants to road-register the car, so all parts will need to be ADR compliant. 

He is still looking for:

   Wiring harness


   Seat belts



If you can help, please phone Peter anytime on 0410 050 020

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