Competitive MX5 for Sale

posted Feb 14, 2017, 3:47 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

Paul McLeod has put his MX5 up for sale.

If interested, here is a link to the advert on Carsales (


Here is a link to an in-car video from the 2008 V8 Supercar round where Paul qualified P2 in class 2F:


It has also been class (up to 3 litre sports cars) winner 3 times at Gatton, Pittsworth and Oakey sprints.


Here is a spec list:

Class/Div:                            2F Production Sports Cars

Make:                                   Mazda

Model                                   MX5 (NA)

Year                                       1995

Engine                                  1840cc

Transmission                     Std 5 speed manual

Diff Ratio                             Unknown. Was pretty standard ratio I guess as our shift points were identical to everyone else.

Diff Type                              Clutch (not torsen)

Weight                                 Approx 940kgs

Power                                   200Hp  

Front Springs:                    350lbs

Rear Springs:                     240lbs

Shocks:                                 Avo Monotube coil over 2.25” part numbers PG1177 (front), PG1178 (rear)

Front Sway bar:                24mm, 3 hole, currently on middle hole

Rear Sway Bar:                 Standard MX5

Camber:                               Approx -3 degrees

Brake Pads (front)           HAWK BLUE 9012 RACING BRAKE PADS $93/set

Brake Pads (rear)             HAWK BLUE 9012 RACING BRAKE PADS $80/set

Fibreglass parts                No

Seats                                     Old SAAS seats I think. At least 10 years old. They need replacing.


The belts will also be out of date so will need replacing. The car comes with a Dorian timer also.

Paul's contact details can be found with the Carsales ad.