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Final Gold Coast group run for 2020

posted Oct 24, 2020, 11:13 PM by Kerry Milner

Our next run will be our last for 2020 with 11 January 2021 being our 1st run next year.


Thanks to Jay Hoy we will be having a drive and ending up in Tamborine


Date: Sunday 8 November 2020


Start Point: Arthur Earle Park, Nerang (usual spot)


Time:  7:15 am for 7:30 departure


RSVP: Tuesday 3 November



Helen (HellsBells)


Great Day for a Pie!

posted Sep 28, 2020, 10:54 PM by Kerry Milner   [ updated Sep 28, 2020, 11:00 PM ]

16 members made it to Fernvale today for a pie and a natter after morning tea at Mt Glorious. A pleasant day and a pleasant run.

Good to see new member Brian Power in his restored Datsun 1200 and Rob Preslmaier in his magic Ford GT40.
Reinhold Scholz travelled in style in his recently acquired German silver clubman.

Many thanks to Rob for arranging. Some pics of the line-up at Fernvale can be found below. 

Gold Coast September run report

posted Sep 7, 2020, 2:11 PM by Kerry Milner   [ updated Sep 13, 2020, 1:03 AM ]

We met at our usual spot at Nerang for coffee / chat. It was great just to catch up and check out the cars. Seems ages since we had done this.


Thanks to Bruce King for organising the drive to the Hotel. After leaving Nerang we drove north via Maudsland, Upper Coomera, Pimpama, Norwell to Alberton. The drive was great except for the torrential downpour at Maudsland which only lasted about 5 minutes but was enough to get the clubbie crew wet. There was one corner on the run through the cane fields where the Slow Down sign for the corner was lit up whilst all 8 cars when through – clubbies do handle well through corners!


7 clubbies, 1 sports car and a Volvo. The Kings (Birkin), The Kents (Westfield), The Hoys (Locost), The Petleys (Locost), John Long (Locost), Frank Liu (Westfield), Tony Morris (GTM Spider), Jim Esson (Westfield) and myself in the Volvo.


We had 12 for lunch at the Gem Hotel, which had great food.


Our next run will be Sunday 8 November.



“I didn’t know the guy but I knew his Maidenwell” - Maidenwell trip report, Sunday 16 August 2020

posted Aug 17, 2020, 9:21 PM by Kerry Milner   [ updated Aug 17, 2020, 9:51 PM ]

For those of you church goers and lazy sleeper-innerers, here is what you missed!

Last Sunday was a great day for driving – it dawned crisp, cool and sunny and only got better. Four humans in three cars rendezvoused at the Fernvale café bakery for coffee and faux lamingtons (it’s not a lamington without jam in it Mister Baker!). Messrs Blythe and Christy in the Volkswagen GT3 RS, Jake Gulliver (fresh from his travels with brother Elwood) in an orange Super 7 clone, and me, author, organiser and alt rock fan in the Datsun GTR. Travelling via Esk and Crow’s Nest we experienced some of the finest asphalt that there is between Esk and Maidenwell, one of all two possible vaguely direct routes. A minor hiccup occurred when Jake’s contrivance ran out of benzene, spluttering to a halt in front of a useless bowser in Hampton. While a kindly shopkeeper fetched 5 litres of fuel for Jake he checked for tank level with his sophisticated grooved measuring stick. Some people will go to extreme lengths to celebrate technology of yesteryear. Eventually all three resumed the journey and made it to fair Maidenwell.

At Maidenwell we joined with Geoff and Kerry, and John and Annie, at the pub. The food was tasty enough and wine, cider and beer suitably cold and refreshing, just like the climate in Maidenwell this time of year. The conversation was lively as David Christy gave us his best (unwitting) Donald Trump impersonation, challenging the rest of us to believe his fake news about COVID-19 and many other things including Piltdown Man and Christy Man, the latter also found in a Pleistocene gravel bed, only not a fake like the former. Normal people also spoke and had a good time over lunch.

The attached photos provide proof of the existence of Super 7 clones and hardy humans that will make it as far as Maidenwell.

Later Messrs Christy and Blythe and the Turners made the 2km detour to visit Coomba Falls and waterhole. Reportedly over the years a number of ‘dingbats’ have met their maker following unsuccessful anti-gravity experiments from the high rocks under the affluence of incohol. They polluted the rock pool but helped improve the gene pool.

Eventually everyone made it back to their homes alive and with memories of an enjoyable day trip and a tasty meal and drink under their belts.

Thanks to Kerry for the idea for the run.


Rob Preslmaier

Event Organiser, Coordinator and Article Writer 

Lunch Run through to Esk

posted Jul 14, 2020, 10:01 PM by Kerry Milner   [ updated Jul 14, 2020, 10:02 PM ]

A Bit Cool They Said....

Just for the record it was 9 degrees at Mt Glorious at 11.00 am, but FEELS LIKE 6 Degrees.  Yep, it was cool up the hill,
You could feel it warming up as we drove slowly down the other side towards Somerset Dam, behind an L plater in a micro Toyota. (Editor's note: That would certainly have helped make sure no-one got a nasty ticket on the way to lunch.)

Through to Somerset and on to Esk all went, with an excellent turnout. 

My count was 16 people in 12 cars. one Ford GT40, 10 clubmans and one Peugeot SUV.....G1o Figure the Peugeot. Great to see Derek there with his Lotus 7 and the tribe down from the Sunshine Coast hinterland as well. Rob's GT40  is a work of art and sounds great as well. Hope the Lotus is good to go again soon.

The Grand Hotel was expecting us and set a large table complete with table cloths and flowers.  A bit flash for us, but a nice touch. 

I was surprised to find 3 Irish backpackers admiring my clubman after lunch, or could it have been the GT 40 they were looking at. I asked where they were working and it was a potato packaging plant nearby. Coal is to Newcastle as Potato is to the Irish. Mind you they were dressed in shorts and t-shirts as it was quite pleasant behind the pub in the sun.  Food was quite good and the pub appreciated the business.

Special thanks to Rosso for the prizes and yes, we now know where the name Datsun came from. (Don't ask him about Donuts....)


I did experience Negative Nasal Pressure...
This is a common problem for any clubman without a windscreen. While driving at 100 kph between Somerset and Esk we turned a corner going straight into the wind and a gust came through. These were measured at 57 kph, so a combined speed of 157 kph into the nostrils resulted. Hence Negative Nasal Pressure...  Rosso in front was wearing a helmet and it almost blew him out of the car.

Future runs
These Tuesday runs are fine for those of us that don't work but we need to accommodate all club members.
So, if there is something you would like the club to do just let Rob, myself, or Kerry know.

In the meantime keep safe, drive responsibly, wash your hands and stay away from Victorians.....  

(Pic of line-up in the carpark at the pub is attached. Looks quite impressive!)

Gold Coast 12 July Run Report

posted Jul 9, 2020, 5:46 PM by Kerry Milner   [ updated Jul 11, 2020, 9:19 PM ]

Well those weather predictors certainly got it wrong!!!!!! After forecasting 90-95% chance of rain all week today turned out to be a beaut day for a clubbie run.

We had the Hunts, Kents, Hoys and Bexleys turn up in road cars, whilst The Kings (Birkin), and the Petleys (Locost) were joined for the 1st time by Mark Goodrick (PRB) and Chris Berger (Westfield). Welcome to Mark and Chris!

We had 13 for breakfast and had a great old natter.

Next run will be September 13 and will be a lunch run to I think the Gem Hotel at Stapylton Rd/Jacobs Well Rd, Alberton.

Watch this space for details closer to the event.


Helen (Hellsbells)


Gold Coast Group Runs are Back!

posted Jun 29, 2020, 4:41 PM by Kerry Milner

Here are the details of the next run. Contact Helen Hunt (number at foot) if you'd like to participate. 

Date: Sunday 12 July

Meeting Place: Arthur Earle Park, Nerang (usual spot)

Time: 7:45 am for 8 am departure

The broad plan is a run up towards Springbrook, down the back towards Beechmont, then back towards Nerang.

Coffee Stop: Bistro 463 (Beaudesert – Nerang Road)

Helen won't be booking a table so you'll just be trying your luck on the day. No doubt they'll have takeaways so it should all work out fine. 

Contact Helen (Hellsbells) on 0414 273 663 if you'd like to join this run. The normal social distancing rules apply to all stops along the way, so stay safe. 

On the Road Again!

posted May 20, 2020, 4:27 PM by Kerry Milner

To a limited degree at least, while COVID-19 restrictions are gradually relaxed. Everyone is advised to abide by the new rules as and when they change, but at present things are looking much more positive. Some members took advantage of the new 150km radius limit to have a really good drive to Fernvale earlier in the week and had a very enjoyable day. 

Additionally, Motorsport Australia has now confirmed the licence renewal extensions it flagged late last year. If you have full year Motorsport Australia licence, check their webpage for your own renewal date.

As ever, though, stay safe. 

COVID-19 Update

posted Apr 17, 2020, 3:38 PM by Kerry Milner

Due to the current national lockdown and social distancing laws, all events currently on the Club calendar are on hold until the situation changes. As many would be aware, this includes all motoring events nationally, and Motorsport Australia are in regular contact with all Clubs regarding the current situation. 

We aim to maintain our bi-monthly meeting schedule via videoconference to keep members in touch with each other.

Everyone stay safe during this unusual and difficult time. 

A Note to All Members and Enthusiasts

posted Mar 24, 2020, 6:38 PM by Kerry Milner

By now you're all well aware of the difficult situation in which the entire country currently finds itself due to the COVID-19 virus. 

It's incumbent upon us all to play our part to help limit the spread of this disease. Taking this issue seriously by doing our bit will help keep others safe so we can get through this crisis in the minimum possible time, though it will by no means be easy or quick. 

Take good care of yourselves and your loved ones and we look forward to catching up with you all again when it's once again safe to hold club meetings. 

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