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2019 Christmas Party, Spicer's Hidden Vale

posted Oct 9, 2019, 12:04 AM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

If you haven't yet put your name down for this you'll be missing out on a pretty special day.

Runs will be organised from various points of the compass for all attendees, but the import bit is that the event is on Sunday, 24 November, from 12 noon. Hidden Vale is just south of Rosewood and is a lovely venue for a special event. Some folk are booking a room at Spicer's for the Sunday night so they can really enjoy the day!

Costs are $50 for members and $75 for non-members. 

All enquiries to the Secretary, email
or phone 5494 4576 for more information

October Southside Run to Rathdowney and Roadvale

posted Oct 9, 2019, 12:00 AM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

Greetings everyone

It's almost been a couple of months since you had an excuse to arc up the 7s and go for a drive. Apart from those of you who run the cop gauntlet up to Mt Glorious every Tuesday. On Sunday 20 October I propose we take a pleasant drive not too long and not too short this is just the right length south of town to Rathdowney and on to the Roadvale pub for a bit of nosebag. This will be the last formal run prior to the end of year, of course not discounting the Xmas stroll to Spicers.

Arrangements are as follows:

Rendezvous point - McDonalds carpark city side of the Browns Plain Rd intersection on your left. Take the Browns Plain Rd off ramp before the intersection, turn left into Browns Plains Rd and then first left again into the Maccas car park. Meet in the Maccas car park. Maccas make an acceptable coffee I am advised (but wouldn't know because I am a coffee snob). Meet there at 09h30 for a 10h00 departure.

We will travel south along the Mt Lindsay Hwy and arrive at Beaudesert at approximately 10h40 where we will meet any members joining us from the Gold Coast. We will recommence our journey about 10h50. 

We will then travel from Beaudesert south to Rathdowney and then turn right on to the Boonah Rathdowney Rd (route 93) through Boonah, turning left onto Roadvale Rd approx 2 kms north of the Beaudesert Boonah Rd. 

The lunch destination is the Roadvale Pub approx 2 km off the Ipswich Boonah Rd. The Pub has a range of meals ranging from cheap pub meals to slightly more exy fancy dishes, Italian food seems to be a signature slant at this refurbished establishment. The menu may be found through the miracles of modern technology that occasionally works here:

I will book the Pub but would you please let me have your expressions of interest in attending asap so I can actually give them numbers for the tables. 

The run home will be via the Ippy Boonah Rd, any GC crew via the Beaudesert Boonah Rd.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Rob Preslmaier
Events Coordinator

Southside Day Run

posted Sep 28, 2019, 9:01 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld   [ updated Sep 28, 2019, 9:02 PM ]

A day run is planned for Sunday, 20 October, destination to be advised! 

If you're interested in a nice long day run, drop an email to Could be a good opportunity to test out those final mods before you head to the Clubbie Nationals in Hahndorf. 

In Memoriam - Ken Lambert

posted Aug 19, 2019, 11:06 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

It saddens us to have to report that Ken passed away last Friday, 16 March, as a result of multiple myeloma causing heart failure. Ken has been a stalwart of the club for the past 13 years; always ready with a story or a joke, as well as lots of helpful information for other clubbie owners, and will be greatly missed. 

His funeral service is being held this Friday on the Gold Coast. Contact the secretary - - for details.

Another day run to Crows Nest

posted Aug 14, 2019, 8:25 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

Just a reminder to please contemplate favourably the opportunity to attend this staggeringly brilliant run and join us for lunch at Crows Nest. 

Huge numbers of peeps in excess of 5 have indicated their attendance so you would be a very old fool to miss out.

Please let me know if coming so I can book a place for you. Run details are:

Rendezvous at the BCC The Gap Park and Ride bus park on Waterworks Rd at 08h10.

Drive to Mt Glorious Biker’s Cafe (08h40) for coffee and a chat.  Highly advisable to stick to the speed limits here – as a result of a recent spate of multiple fatality accidents around the State, a motorcyclist being killed on this road in recent months this road is receiving a lot of attention from the constabulary.

Depart Mt Glorious at 09h30, proceed along Northbrook Parkway to the Wivenhoe-Somerset Rd junction.

Turn right onto Wivenhoe-Somerset Rd and drive along that until you meet the Esk Kilcoy Rd intersection.

Turn left onto the Esk Kilcoy Rd and proceed in an orderly fashion along that to the Mt Beppo Rd turn.

Turn right onto Mt Beppo Rd for a few kms until you reach the Brisbane Valley Highway.

Turn right onto the highway and travel north until you meet the D’Aguilar Hwy.

Turn left onto the D’Aguilar Hwy and travel west until you reach the New England Hwy (A3) on your left in Yarraman.

Turn left onto  the New England Hwy  and follow it south to Ye Olde Nest of Crows.  

Upon reaching Crow’s Nest at approx. 11h50, The Grand Old Crow Hotel is on your left.

Lunch will be taken at this establishment.

There is petrol in Crow’s Nest but there may be cheaper places to purchase fuel enroute.

Departure will be at approx. 13h30 and there are a choice of routes home, depending on where you live and whether you wish to take the quickest route home or the most enjoyable.

I recommend this return route, which will take you back to The Gap:

A few blocks south of the pub turn left onto Charles St, which becomes the Perseverance Dam Rd.  Follow this road until you meet the Esk-Hampton Rd.

Turn left onto the Esk-Hampton Rd and follow this until you reach Esk.

Turn left onto the Brisbane Valley Hwy and proceed to the Esk-Kilcoy Rd turn off approx. 4 km later and turn right.

Follow the Esk-Kilcoy Rd to the Wivenhoe - Somerset Rd intersection.

Turn right onto the Wivenhoe - Somerset Rd and follow it south until you reach the Northbrook Parkway intersection.

Turn left onto the Northbrook Parkway and continue to the The Gap via Mt Glorious.

Southsiders may opt to avoid a repeat of the Mt Glorious Rd and continue south to Fernvale and elsewhere. 

For any further information, contact the Events Coordinator at

Christmas in July report

posted Jul 30, 2019, 2:57 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

Once again, attending members had a very enjoyable day last Sunday with a run to, and very pleasant lunch at, the Harrisville Hotel. 25 enthusiastic folk attended and chat went well into the afternoon. I was obviously enjoying myself far too much, as I forgot to take any photos! Promise to improve on that. 

Next Club Meeting

posted Jul 21, 2019, 3:21 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

Saturday, 3 August, at 10am, Brisbane Sporting Car Club rooms, 16/23 Ashtan Place, Banyo. Morning tea and chat before and after.

Christmas in July at Harrisville, Sunday 28 July

posted Jul 21, 2019, 3:11 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

Club members are meeting at the Royal Hotel, Harrisville, for what is becoming a standard July lunch activity. Members are coming from various points and aiming to arrive at the venue by midday for an undoubtedly enjoyable lunch on the back deck; a very pleasant venue. 

Mt Glorious Coffee Run 2 July

posted Jul 1, 2019, 8:24 PM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld

An excellent turnout for today's run (see pic attached). An impressive 18 WCC'ers braved the early morning coolth for the drive up the mountain, which is always a pleasurable experience, especially if no slowbies are encountered along the way. 

Go, team!

Mt Glorious – Kilcoy – Caboolture Warplane Museum – Bribie Island run Sunday June 16

posted Jun 18, 2019, 12:17 AM by Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld   [ updated Jun 24, 2019, 2:57 PM ]

Trip report

It was a marvellous day except for the rain. 

Five cars and owners assembled at The Gap for the drive up to Mt Glorious.  Lovely road as always aside from the roadworks that perpetually seem to beset that road.  A leisurely breakfast was had at the biker’s café.  A couple of extras joined us here for the run down to the Brisbane River Valley via the excellent Northbrook Parkway.  Mike and his son Rhys left us at this point but the rest of us continued along the rough but fun run along the Somerset Kilcoy Rd to a well needed toilet break in Kilcoy, where even further humans (Ray Williams and the Bastiaans) joined us for the eventual run into Caboolture to the Warplane Museum.

Waiting for us at the museum were Kerry and Geoff Milner.  The Museum was interesting though missing two aircraft featured on their webpage – MiG 17 and P51 Mustang – aircraft I was looking forward to seeing were missing in action! (Editor's note: turned out these were in the other museum next door - another $5, please!)

Despite a light rain at the Museum only one car owner was deterred (shame) and drove home.  The rest, 13 hardy and hungry souls, continued on to the Sylvan Seafood Café by the seagull infested seashore for fish and chips and other oceanic fare.  The food was yummy and the company excellent.

Due to the length of the drive home only the Triggells and I were caught by the rain, which was heavy and wet in nature.  Due to the presence of a roof on my car I didn’t give a damn.  The Triggells however unexpectedly avoided the need for a refreshing shower upon their return home.

Suggested captions for the lunch and car photos:

Thirteen Westfield Club members demonstrating that seafood makes you happy.

Ross demonstrating that one only needs to remove one’s jacket to access his disabled accessible motor vehicle. 

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