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2011 Clubman Sprints - Round 1

posted Aug 13, 2011, 6:09 PM by WCC QLD

COMPETITION CORNER.....The inside line


Round  One can be honestly said that there were no losers, or all that who took to The Track to challenge themselves were the winners. After the first session the banter in pit lane was the usual, who could catch who, who was holding up who, what are your tyre many clicks


Here is a brief run down on the day.


New Members

David Cromie, A new baby and a new car (Westfield SEI Black top ) a man who has his priorities right, for the family’s first track day was satisfying as times dropped at every session... the next family addition may be a tyre gauge ?


Steven & Kim Donka, Welcome back to Lakeside, this time with a Lotus Elise, complete with a spin at Karussell, Kim hope you caught that on film


Special Mentions


Fraser Clarke, Much to his father’s delight entered his own new car, a very rapid MX5, Fraser if a length of armco is worth $200 a panel , what’s the cost of a cubic metre of gravel ?....Mr Sandman ........106.33 sec for first time out, a great effort


The Usual Suspects


Tony Niven, A series One veteran, The Bluebird was able without drama or so it seemed, was able to lower his time to a PB......106.32 SEC


Mr. Fitzgerald, The rapid red rocket ship, Houston we have a problem, a minor electrical problem (we hope ) saw the rocket dropping cylinders before refusing the next round......Yet started without a problem at home later that night....They always hurt the ones they love


Frank ”Fangio” Liu , The return of the Yellow Peril, as is written, the long journey starts with the first lap & as Arnie quotes ...I will be back...


David ”Corpus” Christy, please replace divots on the following corners......Hungry, Easton Loop, The Kink, Karussell and The Bridge. Andrew we suggest your father (DNA check may be considered ) drive in daylight hours and local, Leyburn, etc


Bruce ”The Bronzed Aussie” Chamberlain, How many cars do l own ?, pulled a blinder in the last session in the last last lap to produce a PB ...103.71


Ross ”TT” Rundle, Apex, what’s an apex, is it like Rotary or Lions ( which males have on average sex five times a day ....thats real lions ).......I am confused.....Eric Blythe...please ...provide...counselling


Stuart Patterson, Mr 19x19, The quickest on track, the best news that the oil leak was on external liners and not internal


Until next track day, keep in the zone, Ross “TT” Rundle