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Hot Rods, Customs and Kit Cars - Lakeside

posted Apr 9, 2012, 2:49 PM by WCC QLD
Another great social day was had at Lakeside with about 8 members in attendance.  Many thanks to all the members who attended and special thanks to Ken Lambert for coming all the way from the Gold Coast.  

The day started off with beautiful sunshine with a dash of clouds and the day finished the same.

On the day the Hot Rods and Custom Designs displays were very interesting with several different outstanding designs. There were about 80 cars on display.

The best part of the day was the Happy Laps. The members who attended just kept going around and around and Gary Chisholm had to go and get more fuel so he could go for more laps.

I think on the day we had twenty to thirty laps for just $20. That’s less than a dollar a lap

Ken Lambert has now a permanent smile on his face after having so many happy laps

David Cromie took the kids for a run and took his wife Suzie for a spin. Suzie has now got the bug and has entered our Auto Test Day. It’s good to see that we have now got another family involved in the social activities of the club.

Keith Bridger still can’t believe he had all those laps for just $20.

Gary Chisholm can’t wait for the next Social Event at Lakeside. He reckons that Lakeside is the best venue in Queensland. Gary has now decided to give a gearbox demonstration at our next Westfield Club Meeting on the 14th April. DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY!

Aiden from the Sunshine Coast in his red Clubman has now decided to join the WCC after meeting and socialising with our members who gave him so handy hints.

Callan Collie who is a new member can’t stop talking about the fabulous day out and all the happy laps that he had on the day

Thanks to the Knoblauch’s, Byron and Donna Martin and others for turning up to see the show.

Thanks to the President, Damian Reardon for organising the event and sending out many Emails.

Finally, another great day was enjoyed by a few members and I hope that many more members can attend our next Social Event.


morning tea and snacks with will provided by the club.

Report from the Secretary, Frank Liu