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Lakeside Sprints - 11 March 2012

posted Mar 13, 2012, 3:13 AM by WCC QLD   [ updated Mar 13, 2012, 3:24 AM ]
Round One... Being our third year of holding track days at Lakeside we were hoping for a great turnout and we weren’t disappointed. Nor were the drivers disappointed, while it looked like we may have been in for a few showers the weather held out and the day was run very smoothly, so much so that everyone got a 4th unofficial run in.

A total of 16 members were entered for the event making this our highest attend track day in a long time. 

Class A was a tightly contended battle with the first 8 cars being separated by just over 2 seconds. While everyone is really just out to have a good time, there is always a rush to see the times at the end of the session.

New Members

A special mention to new members; 

Bruce Carter in this recently registered and beautifully prepare UK Westfield, this being his first time on track. 

Ian Brownhill in his Aus Westfield, his first time at lakeside since moving to Queensland. 

Michael Porter proving to have some pace in his Aus Westfield. 

Great to see you all there and look forward to seeing you at our next events.

The usual suspects

Bruce Chamberlain, given another week or two would have had the new car on track, however the old faithful was brought out for another run and another consistent performance, great marketing for the sale of the car! 

Frank "Fangio" Liu, after giving helpful pointers to everyone else the pace has crept up on him leaving his best time to the bonus run which doesn't count towards the points. 

Mr. Fitzgerald, The rapid red rocket ship. After being plagued with problems last year everything was looking good for 2012 except for a minor brush with the armco on that last bonus run... lucky there was no major damage. 

Tony Niven, aka Mr Consistency. following on from his consistent performance in 2011, Tony again put in a great effort and again improved his personal best to a 1:04.44 and now mixing with the veteran fast guys.

Stuart Patterson, again fastest clubman on track (just) showing what a race prepared westfield is capable of on a track with limited grip. 1:01.64 

Brian Pettit, a late entrant gave Stuart and Stephen a run for their money.

David Cromie, after a successful first year of running in 2011 on the track last year David was able to improve on his PB to 1:05.53.

Giles Moore suffered from over heating most of the day.

Nicholas Clarke taking dads car put in another good performance prior to mechanical problems.

Stephen Foss found the front runners in the XTR2.. i think most would agree that Stephen would take out the award for best sounding car on track.

The non clubman's

David ”Corpus” Christy, put the BMW back on track saving the Westfield for Gatton Sprints the following weekend and setting a PB of 1:06.52

Fraser Clarke put the MX5 to good use setting a PB of 1:04.81.

Steve Donka, gave the lotus another run.

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Thanks again to everyone that came out and made it a great day. Hope to see you all next time...  

PS... Pencil this into the calendar (awaiting confirmation from Lakeside), looks like our unconfirmed 3rd event will actually be our 2nd event, being held at Lakeside on June 16th this will be followed by our QR (Ipswich) event on the 30th September. Following this, if there is still interest and everyone wants to get out on track again there is possibility of a 8th December event at Lakeside.

**Results and times are based on the first 3 official runs, the forth run was an unofficial bonus run**