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Lakeside Street Sprints Update

posted Jul 19, 2015, 10:20 PM by Peter Triggell
Yesterday was a great day for this street sprint event. Happily the weather held until the last of us were packing up to leave, which was very kind of it!

The Club fielded a full complement of 15 cars and the organisers commented at the driver briefing that this was the biggest group we'd fielded since the Clubman Nationals in October 2013; the assembled drivers were impressed that we had fielded 90 clubbies at the track for that event. A nice complement and a great result for the Club. There was also a sympathetic comment on the loss of Rick Jones to the clubman scene, which was appreciated by our group.  

Bruce King and Ryan Campbell both experienced early mechanical problems serious enough to mean they didn't get much track time, and Simon Linklater had to withdraw later in the day as well. Most sincere commiserations go to Bruce Chamberlain who had a very major moment with his car due to a stuck throttle at the top of eastern loop. Bruce is fine but his car hasn't fared so well. We hope he'll be able to get all the repairs done in time for Stanthorpe.