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Lunch Run through to Esk

posted Jul 14, 2020, 10:01 PM by Peter Triggell   [ updated Jul 14, 2020, 10:02 PM ]
A Bit Cool They Said....

Just for the record it was 9 degrees at Mt Glorious at 11.00 am, but FEELS LIKE 6 Degrees.  Yep, it was cool up the hill,
You could feel it warming up as we drove slowly down the other side towards Somerset Dam, behind an L plater in a micro Toyota. (Editor's note: That would certainly have helped make sure no-one got a nasty ticket on the way to lunch.)

Through to Somerset and on to Esk all went, with an excellent turnout. 

My count was 16 people in 12 cars. one Ford GT40, 10 clubmans and one Peugeot SUV.....G1o Figure the Peugeot. Great to see Derek there with his Lotus 7 and the tribe down from the Sunshine Coast hinterland as well. Rob's GT40  is a work of art and sounds great as well. Hope the Lotus is good to go again soon.

The Grand Hotel was expecting us and set a large table complete with table cloths and flowers.  A bit flash for us, but a nice touch. 

I was surprised to find 3 Irish backpackers admiring my clubman after lunch, or could it have been the GT 40 they were looking at. I asked where they were working and it was a potato packaging plant nearby. Coal is to Newcastle as Potato is to the Irish. Mind you they were dressed in shorts and t-shirts as it was quite pleasant behind the pub in the sun.  Food was quite good and the pub appreciated the business.

Special thanks to Rosso for the prizes and yes, we now know where the name Datsun came from. (Don't ask him about Donuts....)


I did experience Negative Nasal Pressure...
This is a common problem for any clubman without a windscreen. While driving at 100 kph between Somerset and Esk we turned a corner going straight into the wind and a gust came through. These were measured at 57 kph, so a combined speed of 157 kph into the nostrils resulted. Hence Negative Nasal Pressure...  Rosso in front was wearing a helmet and it almost blew him out of the car.

Future runs
These Tuesday runs are fine for those of us that don't work but we need to accommodate all club members.
So, if there is something you would like the club to do just let Rob, myself, or Kerry know.

In the meantime keep safe, drive responsibly, wash your hands and stay away from Victorians.....  

(Pic of line-up in the carpark at the pub is attached. Looks quite impressive!)
Peter Triggell,
Jul 14, 2020, 10:01 PM