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The 2012 Oakey Dokey Galah Sprints. May

posted May 20, 2012, 3:03 PM by WCC QLD   [ updated May 20, 2012, 3:05 PM ]
Arrived three weeks early. Went home and came back on the wed of the correct week.
Nissan Cedric and Brian Tedman staked claim with the usual old people facilities locations in mind..
We secured a private dunny near the camp.

John O Reilly arrived in his Clockwork Orange Scratchbuilt with 4 cases of Moeset Champagne (Liquor Barn $2.99 a bottle) and a tin of creamed rice.

The showers this year look the same as the new toilets, resulting in confusion with people trying to crap in the showers and vice versa. It is extremely difficult to shower with toilet flushes. Don’t put any body part lower than the poo hole.

Brian and Nissan helped set up the facilities, getting to know the sprint hierarchy for the later bribes.

Nissan weighed the Poo mobile which weighed 2.84 tons, not those pooftery “tonnes”

Friday arrivals were John Goodwin in the purple 4 door Westfield 404,(not the 204) and Rod Gibb arrived without pit crew Jan who was looking after her poor old pussycat. (I am not touching that one)

Barry Burt and Gloria arrived in the IVECO POSTCODE with the Westfield Fiat 124 BC Coupe.

The weather was fine and clear except for Saturday night during the burnout competition. Sunday morning was one degree, with jumpers off by 0900hrs.

The sprints went very smoothly with less of the usual overdriving accidents. Because of this Competitors completed 13 runs for the weekend. This was a splendidly organised meeting and credit going to the new organisers first event.

Brian went very well and is creeping down on his times.

No photos were taken due to lack of interest.

Another good weekend away from the Minister for War.

Rod Gibb 1st - 51.75
Brian Tedman 2nd - 54.23

Class C - REGISTERED VEHICLES 1601-2000 cc
Barry Burt 5th - 57.47
John Goodwin 6th - 59.54

Nissan Cedric First in class - Time of 5 days 4 hours 20.2 second