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Organise a Drive

Organise your own social drive...
With the Club's diverse and widespread membership, we believe in making club sanctioned drives more accessible to members.

Organising a club run, big or small, can be a lot of fun but also quite daunting to the newcomer. Below is a simple Template to assist members who want to be involved with the club and to help out in a small way by organising a club run or event.

The event can be almost anything... a run in the country, drive to motor sports events or car displays, fetes, restaurants, BBQ spots etc... any drive that you think other Club members and their Clubmans might like to join you on. Also check the Drive Maps page.

If you would like help with organising a run or need some more information please email the secretary (see below) but here is some general guidance on what you need to do.
The Rules

- The event must be approved by either the Club President or Secretary. 
- The event must be of a non-competitive nature, ie does not have a set time for completion; is not a timed event; does not involve a prize; does not involve nominated speeds or times for sections. 
- Information sent out must include: "Westfield Car Club Inc. promotes and expects safe and responsible driving at all times" and "Westfield Car Club Inc. is a CAMS affilliated club".
- Details must be received no later than 5 working days prior to the event so a CAMS Insurance note can be obtained. 

You need to provide the following information:

- All contact details of the organiser; 
- An approximate time and place to meet (street directory map references are very handy);
- Departure time;
- Where you are going;
- What you will be doing;
- What to bring eg. Map, Towel, Hat, Chair, Food etc;
- Possible distance you will be travelling is also handy for fuel requirements; 
- Approximate return time.

Please email all information to the President or Secretary with the details of your event. Make sure you then follow it up with a phone call just in case we are not near our computers. You must send something in writing and have verbal or written approval for it to be a club sanctioned event.
President        e-mail
Secretary        e-mail