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2011 Clubman Sprint Series

Following the great response we had last year from the Clubman Sprint Series at Lakeside we have again been able to organise what we hope will be another great series.
This series is in response to the ongoing need for members to get out on the track and enjoy their vehicles in controlled environment. 
Please note this is a sprint series and not a race series, if you are interested in racing your clubman there is a full race series being organised by 19x19, further details can be found on the Queensland Raceway website
Eligibility / Entry Requirements-
- Vehicle make must be clubman styled (any make) registered or unregistered
- Must be a Club Member (Westfield Car Club Inc) - Click here for membership form
- AASA Clubman License (form available from Queensland Raceways website, please send AASA License forms and money direct to QR/Lakeside)
- Lakeside is noise limited, all cars must comply with noise requirements. Refer here for further information.
Proposed Classes
Class A  -  Clubman - up to 1600cc and non turbo/supercharged
Class B  -  Clubman - over 1600cc and turbo/supercharged
Class C  -  Modern Clubman Inspired Cars (Westfield XTR’s, Skelta and others upon approval)
The days will consist of 3 possibly 4 sessions (depending on how the day runs) of 6 laps (1 out, 4 timed laps & 1 in lap).
The cost for the day is $140 per entry (includes garage hire)
For anyone who enters for all 3 events up front, discounted price of $130 per event. 
AASA Clubman License - $20 day or $50 year
Round 1 - July 17th - Completed - Click here for review
Round 2 - September 18th - Completed
Round 3 - November 20th - Completed
General Info
If you are not keen on going flat out, please don’t be put off by this format, you are free to run around at your own pace and as everyone on track with you will be club members everyone will keep an eye out for you. At the end of the day this is designed to be a friendly club event.
As this is also part of the Street Sprint Series your lap times will still count towards the overall point scoring and results, however as an added incentive there will be trophies at the end of the year for the 2011 Clubman Sprint Series.
If you would like to participate in any of these events please fill out the entry form and forward to email or mail to PO Box 633, Hamilton Central, QLD, 4007.
For a preview of Lakeside Raceway in a clubman, please check out our club secretary Frank Liu here.
Damian Reardon
President - Westfield Car Club Inc QLD