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DBAutotech - David Blythe
Specialist Automotive Engineering and Compliance
- ADR compliance & Testing - QLD Trans Authorised Person
- Imported and modified vehicle compliance
- Automotive design, development and testing
- Engine calibration / Fule injection mapping - OEM trained
- HVRAS authorised inspector
- Individually constructed vehicle / Kit Car compliance
- On-site inspections and consulting available
Ph: 0407 756 870 Email:

Fibreglass Car Parts (Kit cars particularly)
Repairing and Modifying:-
Fibreglass repairs (cracks, chips etc)
Custom panels (bonnet bulges, rear guard widening, etc)
Aerofoils (wings, flat bottoms, diffusers etc)

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 Anthony Knoblauch Mobile - 0428 796 246

Commercial Brake & Clutch
Unit 21 / 115 Dollis Street, Salisbury, Qld. 4107
Phone (07) 32770555

Tyre Compare
Hunting for competitive tyre prices for your clubbie? 
See what Tyre Compare can do for you!

Note the Qld mobile number given above is no longer applicable. A new ad will be added to this space once the new Qld agent has been determined. 
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Sep 29, 2014, 12:19 PM