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QLD Arrow Agent - John Bosci
For all things Arrow and GT40

QLD Westfield & PRB Agent
Owen Seamons 
Mob: 0414 706806
See the exciting PRB and Westfield
at and

DBAutotech - David Blythe
Specialist Automotive Engineering and Compliance
- ADR compliance & Testing - QLD Trans Authorised Person
- Imported and modified vehicle compliance
- Automotive design, development and testing
- Engine calibration / Fule injection mapping - OEM trained
- HVRAS authorised inspector
- Individually constructed vehicle / Kit Car compliance
- On-site inspections and consulting available
Ph: 0407 756 870 Email:

Commercial Brake & Clutch
Unit 21 / 115 Dollis Street, Salisbury, Qld. 4107
Phone (07) 32770555
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Fibreglass Car Parts (Kit cars particularly)
Repairing and Modifying:-
Fibreglass repairs (cracks, chips etc)
Custom panels (bonnet bulges, rear guard widening, etc)
Aerofoils (wings, flat bottoms, diffusers etc)

Call to discuss your requirements: Anthony Knoblauch

Mobile - 0428 796 246

Fibreglass Parts for Locost type cars:

Std Nose Cone  ( Book width or Wide Westfield/Arrow )

+100 Nose Cone

+200 Nose Cone  ( 100 wider & 100 Deeper )

Std Scuttle  ( Book width or Wide Westfield/Arrow )

+100 Scuttle

Rear Guards - 2 Styles

Front Cycle Guards - 3 Styles

Naca Scoop

Coming Soon, ADR Compliant Seats  widths to suit +100 and Westfield/Arrow


Services available to Builders:

Tailshaft Mods

Steering Shaft Spline Cutting

Aluminium Fabrication

Custom Headers

Beam & Torsion Rig for Hire


Paul Hannell on 0407 777 165


Secretary - Westfield Car Club Qld,
Sep 29, 2014, 12:19 PM