About the Club

The Club was originally established in 1991 to support the then first group of Qld Westfield builders. Since then the number of variations and other kit manufacturers has increased, and in 2008, due to confusion between the Australian built Westfields and the imported UK built Westfields, the Australian manufacturer changed the name to Arrow Sports Cars.

Although the original club name remains, we are all about bringing clubman owners / builders together by providing a range of social events, technical advice, Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) affiliation, track days and a network of past and current builders with a wealth of knowledge. So it doesn’t matter if you are an owner of, or looking to build, a Westfield (Australian or UK built), Arrow, PRB, Birkin, Amaroo, Fraser, Caterham, Puma, Elfin, self-builds (locost) and any others we may have missed, become a member of the Westfield Car Club and join in the fun of owning one of these great cars.

Happy motoring!