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Every Tuesday:- Mt Glorious run for morning coffee.

Depart The Gap Park N Ride, Waterworks Road, just prior to Walk about Creek, for Mt Glorious at 9.15

Watch this space for next event........

Club Meeting 13 November 2021

The next club meeting is at the usual location, Brisbane Sporting Car Club Banyo, Committee Meeting at 9.00. Cake and Coffee from 9.00am. General meeting starts at 9.30 sharp

Gold Coast Clubman run 14 November 2021

Hi Everyone

We have to make major changes to this run. Jay and Marg are currently in NT and under a 72 hour lockdown to be followed by quarantine so Grahame and I have an alternate run!

Same departure details but different venue.

Our last run for 2021 will be a run around the Gold Coast

Details are:

Meeting time: 7.45 am

Venue: Arthur Earle Park, Nerang (usual spot)

Departure time: 8 am

There will be a run for about 1 and ½ hours ending up at Green Frog Hollow Café, 1551 Waterford-Tamborine Rd, Logan Village

Some Brisbane people have indicated that they would like to join us so they can either come to Arthur Earle Park or meet us at the venue.

Please let me know if you are attending so that I can book a table.

RSVP: Wednesday 10 November


Helen (HellsBells)


October 17 Lunch Run:-

Bilge sucking scurvy dogs ahoy!

Avast ye lubbers! It's October and we are well into the southern hemisphere spring. It's also time to take those Super 7 dinghies you pirates have hidden away in your garages for a spin. The weather is still reliably dry for the most part, and not too hot, so no need for spinnakers (or pirate head hankies) to keep the rain off your pates. Of course pirate head hankies may be worn in order to stop your melanomas from joining up to form a super melanoma (not a good look and may be injurious to your future pirating activities).

Our destination will be the wild seas of southern SEQ, specifically morning coffee at the subtropical island of Canungra and lunch at the dessert island of Boonah.

Gather round larrikins, lads, lesbians and lasses - here's the plan.

We will gather our clubman pirate dinghies at the McDonald's Browns Plains at 08h30 for a 08h45 heave ho. You may partake of a McCoffee and McMuffin and other McJunkfood for a few pieces of eight if you wish, but be aware that there'll be plenty of opportunity to avoid scurvy at a cafe in Canungra. As every pirate knows you have to pace yourself and not end up pooping on the deck.

We will then navigate the treacherous waters around Jimboomba and Mundoolun via oceanic routes Mt Lindsay Hwy, Mundoolun and Mundoolun Connections roads, finally washing up on the shores of Canungra island. There we will seek treasure coffee and cake from one of the many cafe taverns and inns plied by pirates and travellers alike. Here we will meet with Gold Coast pirates Greybeard and Nobeard (Graeme and Helen) and their salty Gold Coast henchpeople.

At 10h30 we will reboard our dinghies and set sail for the treasure island of Boonah via Mundoolun Connection Rd, Beaudessert-Nerang Rd and Mt Lindesay Hwy to Rathdowney, and then finally taking advantage of a strong tailpipe wind that will push us up to Boonah on the aptly but unoriginally named Rathdowney-Boonah Rd.

We should arrive around 12h15 for a 12h30 feast at Simon's Tavern.

Simon's Tavern has a reasonably priced menu that shouldn't bother the moths in your pirate purses too much - menu here

After the feasting, drinking and yo ho ho-ing of pirate shanties is done, all are welcome to sail off to their homes via whatever route pleases your little pirate hearts.

Shiver me timbers and thanks for your attention.

If intending to attend this pirate conference please rsvp so I can book a space for ye at the Tavern.

Arrrrhhhh me hearties!

Rob Preslmaier

Outgoing Events Coordinator

Westfield Car Club

0488 738 250

Westfield Car Club General Meeting. All welcome. 4 September2021 at Brisbane Sporting Car Club Banyo. Coffee from 9.00 am meeting commence at 9.30 am sharp

Gold Coast Run 12 September 2021 (All welcome)

Hi Everyone

Our next run will be a lunch run to Kalbar.

DATE: Sunday 12 September

START POINT: Arthur Earle Park, Nerang


PICKUP POINT AND TIME: 11 AM Bromelton Street, Beaudesert

(Main road to Boonah, opposite the St Mary’s Catholic school/tennis courts)

(Please advise me if you intend to meet here)

DESTINATION: Royal Hotel, Kalbar


RSVP: Tuesday 7 September

There will be no coffee stop and members are reminded to bring a Face Mask to meet Covid rules

Be advised that the Mustang Car Club will also be there so we may not be able to park all together

Regards Helen (HellsBells)


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Linville Hotel Lunch Run, via Mt Glorious 15/8/2021

Greetings drivers

It is that time of year when conditions are perfect for driving our cars topless, unless you include the risk of frostbite, which can be a risk if you drive with the extremities unprotected in cool weather. Rain is unlikely, even in this year of La Nina (El Nino's slightly wetter sister). Cool and sunny is almost guaranteed.

So, the details. As Mickey's little hand will be on August it is time for a run north of Brisbane, ideal for drivers and passengers from the Sunshine Coast and north of Brisbane, but reasonably accessible to all Brisbanians.

I am proposing that we enjoy a run to the Linville Pub, an establishment that serves good tucker in the hinterland of Kilcoy. The menu can be found here and they have been serving beer since 1904 they announce. Aaah beer - helping ugly people have sex since Neolithic days.

The timing: Sunday 15th August

Route directions for Brisbanians rendezvousing at The Gap.

The Gap Park'n'Ride 08h15 rendezvous for 08h45 departure.

Mt Glorious biker's cafe for rejuvenating coffee 09h30

Depart Mt Glorious 10h30.

Arrive Woolmar just west of Kilcoy on the D'Aguilar Hwy a little after 11h30 where we shall rendezvous with Sunshine Coast drivers.

Arrive Linville Pub a little after 12h00 for a 12h15 lunch.

The route from Mt Glorious to Woolmar will be via the predictable but entertaining Northbrook Parkway, Wivenhoe Somerset Rd and Esk Kilcoy Rd.

Final approach to Linville will be the D'Aguilar Hwy and then turning off at Moore onto the Linville Rd.

Sunshine Coasters

People from the Sunshine Coast will largely please themselves about where they rendezvous and which route they take, however I will liaise with the brightest and communicative of those attending to ensure that any drivers from this region meet us in Woolmar.

Gold Coasters

Extremely tough Gold Coasters may rendezvous with us at The Gap or bypass the 'burbs and go via Fernvale.


Please rsvp to me in order to book enough seats for the group at the pub. It's a long way to go to eat in your car.

Questions to the undersigned.


Rob Preslmaier

Events Coordinator

Westfield Car Club

0488 738 250

July Gold Coast Run 11 July 2021:-

Hi Everyone

This event will be a COVID19 dependent event as it is planned to cross the border to NSW

If border closures are in place the event will go on with a revised route

Thanks to Jim Esson for planning the run with some great clubbie roads

Details are:

Start Location: Arthur Earle Park, Nerang

Time: 7.45 am for 8 am departure

Coffee Break: Upper Beechmont

Lunch Break: Tyalgum via Numinbah Valley

RSVP: Thursday 1 July 2021

Return drive via Currumbin heading north

Helen (HellsBells)


August Run to Linville Hotel, Via Mt Glorious for Morning Tea

Club Meeting June 12

Meeting held at Brisbane Sporting Car Club. Coffee from 9.00, meeting start 9.30 sharp. Unit 16/23 Ashtan Place

Banyo QLD 4014 .

Christmas in June LUNCH run (That's right, June, not July)

We're into the perfect time of the year - thank heavens for the planetary orbit and the seasonal variation it brings! It's a relatively rain free period that suits all topless and roofed car owners alike so prepare to get those low slung super-clubmans ready for some driving.

Well, not too excited just yet - this is mainly about a straight forward drive to have a feed rather than a proper windy road drive. This event is about our societal predilection for celebrating a famous Christian event at an ironic time of year. Yes, it's time for Xmas in June!

The details:

Time: Sunday 20 June 11h30 for 12h00

Venue: Albert River Winery, 869 Mundoolun Connection Rd, Tambourine

Cost: We are proposing a 2 course (mains and dessert) menu at $40 pp. The Club will subsidise the meal by $10 so the 2 courses will cost you $30 dollarbucks. That's great value.

As we need to lock this in we need numbers now. Can you please let Rob, Events, know if you are going... Now Please..


Rob, Events

Gadzoiks and holy bat, Batman!

Rob Preslmaier

Events Coordinator

Westfield Car Club

0488 738 250