Membership is open to owners of all types of individually constructed/clubman style vehicles, and new members are always welcome. Click the attachment below to download the current membership form, which is provided in MSWord and .pdf versions.  

Full Member (Single) Fee - $50 per year  (First Member)

A Full member is eligible to participate in the full range of activities offered by the Club.

Family Member (Double) Fee - $25 per year (Additional Family Members)

Country Membership  is available to a member residing outside the Brisbane area and as such may not be able to attend some functions available to other members. A reduced membership fee may apply.

Junior Member is defined as a person under the age of 17 years and is related to a Full Member or a Family Member. No Membership fees are payable and membership to Motorsport Australia is not provided. It is to encourage young members to move to full membership at the appropriate time.

A Family member is the spouse or partner of an Ordinary member and is eligible to participate in the same Club benefits as an Ordinary member. Family membership is limited to one Family member per Ordinary member.

A separate membership form is required for each member for audit purposes. 

The Club is affiliated with Motorsport Australia), and membership provides an inexpensive way of obtaining personal affiliation with this body as well as helping to run the club.

Membership Fees are due on 1st January for the calendar year and members have until the date of the Annual General Meeting to pay, or, at latest, 28 February.  

If you would like more information, contact the Secretary via email at or phone 07 33742467 or   0419 930451.